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& Cleaning


Maintain your best and healthiest smile with our Hygienist and cleaning services. Keep your teeth clean, your breath fresh and your smile stain free.

Service Overview

Prices From

Free for plan members

Dependant on membership level

Air Flow Stain Removal from


Treatment Duration

20-30 minutes

Dependent on individual case

Key Benefits

  1.     Keep your smile looking its best

  2.     Maintain the health or the mouth

  3.     Prevent long term problems

  4.     Advice and guidance to keep your mouth healthy at home

Why Teeth Cleaning ?


Our dental hygienists will work with you to improve your oral health to maintain a healthy and confident smile.

At each hygiene appointment they will assess the health of you gums, looking for signs of gum disease such as bleeding and inflammation. They then work to remove any hard build up and stains from your teeth and teach you the best ways to keep them clean.

Prevention is the best treatment but sometimes life style and even genetics can lead to gum disease. Working together with our dentists the dental hygienists can help you to get on top of your gum disease and achieve the best possible long term outcomes.

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