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Cosmetic Braces


Fixed cosmetic braces are the quickest option for straightening crowded or crooked teeth. Results are usually achieved in around 3- 6 month. We can use virtually invisible “teeth coloured” braces to finally give you the smile you always wanted.

Service Overview

Prices From

£2,310 Single Arch Package

£4,100 Dual Arch Package

Package includes fixed cosmetic braces and retainers

Treatment Duration

3-6 Months

Dependent on individual cases

Key Benefits

  1. Quickest option for teeth straightening

  2. Effective controlled positioning by the Dentist

  3. New discreet braces

Why Straighten?


Like many of our patients do you have crooked or misaligned teeth but want an appealing smile?

Perhaps you are thinking about achieving this for a specific goal such as a wedding? Our fixed cosmetic braces are now designed for discreet straightening.


Fixed braces allow our Dentist’s to control the teeth movement and positioning and so can often be a more effective and faster form of straightening than clear aligners.


We use computer guided design to predict, plan and deliver your ideal smile. Throughout your treatment you have constant contact with your Dentist and Treatment Coordinator who will help and assist you through the process.


We also can provide flexible payments or provide finance to spread the costs and make achieving your goals affordable too.

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