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Small Child with Large Glasses

Children's Dentistry


Can children actually look forward to visiting the dentist? At Alma Dental we believe they can as we try to make your children’s visits educational and fun!

With free NHS places available for children, we can help provide exception lifelong dental care.


Why bring your children?


It is important to encourage good oral health routines from a young age to give them the best chance to have a smile that lasts a lifetime.

We engage young people in their oral health by educating them about the why as well as the how. We even provide free dental treatment for children. We encourage positive visits to get used to the setting and building up a relationship of trust with your Dentist.


We recommend all children start visiting the dentist early and support the British Society of Paediatric dentistry’s campaign “Dental Check by One”. This helps us to deliver guidance not only on tooth brushing but also tips on diet to reduce the risks of tooth decay.


We also offer free educational visits to local schools to support children in the community.

Service Overview

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Key Benefits

  1. Make Visits fun

  2. Build confidence reducing anxiety

  3. Educate and inspire good hygiene and diet

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