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Dental Health Checks

At Alma Dental we carry out a comprehensive oral health check to make sure your mouth is as healthy as can be. As well as a thorough examination of the health of the teeth and gums we also do an oral cancer screen and check the function of the jaw.

Why Dental Health Checks?


Save Money
Like most things in life dental problems are best managed if treatment is started early. By attending for a regular dental health check we can identify and treat problems before you become aware of them. This means the treatment is likely to be cheaper and more effective.

Avoid or reduce gum disease
Gum disease is often a surprise to most sufferers and often is ignored until it is too late. We will check your gums, give advise and help you to avoid loosing teeth and confidence.

Reduce Dental Anxiety
Patients who attend for dental health checks regularly often have much reduced dental anxiety and fear. We believe that in a large part this is due to the friendly environment at Alma. However it is also the case that spotting problems early means that our patients have less to worry about too.

Oral Cancer screening
Identifying oral cancer and prevention go hand in hand at Alma. As well as detecting early signs we also look at your risk factors and give you advice to reduce your risk.

Service Overview

Prices From

£75 New patient consultation

Free for Plan Members

Key Benefits

  1. Save money by identifying problems early

  2. Avoid or reduce gum disease

  3. Build confidence to reduce anxiety

  4. Oral Cancer screening

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