What Dental Implants Can Do For You

source - https://www.almadental.co.ukcosmetic-dentistry/dental-implants-newcastle-upon-tyne/patient-information/

source – https://www.almadental.co.ukcosmetic-dentistry/dental-implants-newcastle-upon-tyne/patient-information/

Dental implants are screw like fixtures made from titanium to replicate the root of a tooth. The implant is designed to sit in the socket in which an original tooth would have done allowing it to be supported by the jaw bone. Once properly fused to the bone the implant gives opportunity for false teeth to be crafted above the gum level. Implants are extremely useful for those who have lost single teeth, groups of teeth or have no teeth at all. they tend to be a better option that removable dentures as they last a lot longer (up to 20 years) making them far more cost effective in the long run.

Losing your teeth can be a very personal, upsetting and life changing experience depending on the circumstances. Our teeth are a very visual part of our facial features and having them missing from the front can be very obvious to the naked eye. Our teeth give us a more natural and attractive appearance but also help support the muscles in the face. If lots of teeth are missing the face can actually begin to sag and talking can become difficult. More importantly our teeth are there to help us chew food.  Without them eating is nigh on impossible unless in liquid form.  Of course if eating becomes difficult it is likely that a person’s diet would become poor and that health will begin to deteriorate. There is also the case of feeling down, depressed and unattractive with many feeling very self-conscious about the state of their teeth. It is for these reasons that so many choose to opt for dental implants.

Losing a tooth:

If you are unfortunate enough to lose a tooth towards the back of the mouth it can be concealed with ease. It shouldn’t give you any problems either however if it does it can be replaced with an implant. Not only will this fill the gap but provide you with a biting tooth again. To lose a tooth at the front of the mouth, although unlikely to be problematic, it can cause distress and upset. It will be easy to see that there is a tooth missing and an obvious gap will be present. In a case such as this it is quite often that a person would opt for an implant in order to create a full smile again.

Losing more than one tooth:

Losing one tooth can be distressing but losing more than one can be even more so. Not only does it look unnatural it can also effect speech and eating abilities. This can cause individuals to feel very conscious leading to them withdrawing from certain situations. Again dental implants can be used to give you your smile back and in turn give you your confidence back.

Losing all of your teeth:

Implants are no doubt the most wonderful solution for those who have lost all of their teeth. Dentures can be frustrating and aren’t always wholly reliable. Implants can give you peace of mind knowing that they won’t fall out and that they are extremely natural looking. As well as this they will support the face and improve speaking and eating abilities. Getting your smile back is truly a remarkable experience.

Dental implants really are a remarkable invention that have improved drastically over the years. They are an efficient and natural way to give people their teeth back in order to go about daily activities with ease.

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