The Prosecco Smile

Prosecco is fast becoming Britain’s favourite drink, with it flying off the shelves in some of the nation’s supermarkets. It is so popular that people are now queuing outside supermarkets to nab the best deals on their favourite champagne alternative.

Prosecco is causing mayhem at the nation’s supermarkets, but what damage is it doing to our teeth?

What is the Prosecco Smile?

The Prosecco Smile is the effect prosecco is having on our teeth. It is the starting signs of tooth decay. Women are most at risk of this kind of tooth decay as they are most likely to drink the sparkling beverage.

Prosecco is acidic and contains a lot of sugar, it gives a triple whammy of carbonation, sweetness and alcohol which among other health problems can cause tooth sensitivity and enamel erosion.

Carbon dioxide not only gives drinks their fizz but dissolves into carbonic acid. Although this gives drinks a more refreshing taste it also makes the drinks more acidic. In addition to this, each flute of prosecco also contains around 1 tsp of sugar per flute.

Unlike wine which is often enjoyed with a meal, it is easy to continue sipping Prosseco without realising how much you are drinking which can lead to teeth problems

What are the signs?

The Prosecco Smile starts with a white line below the gun which will be soft if you probe it. This is the start of tooth decay and if not addressed can lead to fillings. Eventually, teeth will decay to the point of falling out.

Even brushing your teeth afterwards could be counterproductive – the acid in the Prosecco causes the enamel to weaken which could be further damaged by brushing


  • Limit your intake – have no more than 2 glasses
  • Wait a few hours before brushing your teeth
  • Drink through a straw – will limit contact with teeth

Always remember to enjoy alcohol responsibly. If you have any concerns about your teeth or would like to book a consultation with one of our dentists, contact us today to book an appointment.