Katherine Davies, our specialist orthodontist, specialises in aligning teeth and jaws.

Treatment includes the correct diagnosis and planning even before the braces have been selected and fitted. At the end of the aligning phase of treatment, we also recommend retainers for all patients who have had a comprehensive orthodontic alignment.

We offer a full range of fixed and removable braces. These can be tooth coloured, metal, metal with colours or invisible. They are available for both adults and children.

Metal Braces

Metal fixed braces are still very popular with orthodontists and patients. These can be customised with colours to make your brace unique, many of our patients proudly wear their metal braces on show.

from £1950

metal braces smile

Invisible Braces

Lingual braces are attached to the back of your teeth to straighten your teeth without anyone knowing. They are custom designed and made specifically for you in a specialist lingual orthodontic laboratory to your specific details. Once fitted no one will know they are there. This means that even the most complicated orthodontic treatments can be completely invisible.

from £3900

Ceramic Clear Braces

Ceramic clear fixed braces are far less visible than metal braces using white wires and special white ties which are also resistant to staining. However, at times there will be clear parts that may stain but we will warn you beforehand. Many people feel that these are invisible braces as very few people notice them.

from £2550

ceramic clear braces

Aligners including Invisalign

These are clear removable braces that gently push the teeth into position. They are suitable for milder forms of crowding where there are no problems with the bite.

from £3900

invisible braces

Aligners including Quick Straight Teeth

This is new and exciting aligner which Katherine Davies is pleased to have been using from the outset. It presents a slightly more affordable aligner treatment for milder treatments. It can be removed for cleaning and eating and for occasional social events.

from £2500

Removable Braces

Our specialist orthodontists offer every type of orthodontic brace that may be necessary. Sometimes we see younger children who require a little time with a removable brace to adjust a tooth that has grown in the wrong way. These are often short treatments to just make a small improvement whilst we wait for the rest of the teeth to grow in.

from £500

Functional Braces

Sometimes there is a problem with the upper and lower teeth meeting correctly. This may be due to a bite problem. This can be improved considerably or sometimes corrected in children and younger teenagers with a functional brace.

from £1650


After fixed braces, the teeth require settling and retaining. Retainers hold the teeth in their corrected positions. There are many types of retainers, which is anything that will hold the teeth and prevent them from returning to their original position.

Retainers may be fixed wires or removable clear or wire type braces. Often a combination is advised and this will depend on the original position of your teeth, how they moved and where they have moved to.

from £85

Mouth Guards

We provide orthodontic mouth guards, custom orthodontic mouth guards and mouth guards for those not wearing braces. Mouth guards are advised for all contact sports but also recommended when extreme mountain biking, skateboarding and any sport or activity where trauma to the teeth is likely.

from £85

To help you decide whether you should proceed with orthodontic treatment, and which braces are best for you, we offer a free 20-minute, no obligation initial orthodontic consultation.

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