Treatment fees include consultation fee, active treatment with braces, four breakages, retainers and retainer check appointments.

Once the fee is set there are no hidden extra. However we do charge for missed appointments, appointments attended late, broken braces, replacement and spare sets of retainers.


Metal upper or lower brace



Metal upper and lower braces



Clear ceramic upper or lower brace



Clear ceramic upper and lower braces



Invisible lingual upper or lower brace



Invisible lingual upper and lower braces



One clear ceramic brace and one metal brace



One lingual brace and one metal brace



One lingual brace and one ceramic brace









Upper removable appliance/brace






Twin block (functional brace)



Twin block and fixed brace



Custom mouth guards



Impression/study models



Private consultations fees are deducted from the final treatment fee if treatment is taken up within six months.

Consultation fee is £150 with a non-refundable deposit required at time of booking.

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