NHS Dentistry at Alma Dental

Alma Dental is a private dental practice based in North Shields, also offering NHS Dental treatment to children up to the age of 18.

Tooth decay is currently the main reason children are admitted to hospital and at least one third of children in the UK start school with it. The condition is becoming a big problem and an even bigger health concern which needs to be addressed appropriately if it is to improve.

If you are unsure of what tooth decay is, it is simply the process of acid in the mouth attacking the outside layers of the teeth. Whilst eating, bacteria in the mouth causes plaque which coats the teeth and eats away at them. If left on the teeth plaque will develop into tartar or calculus a hard substance that irritates the gums and causes cavities. Symptoms of tooth decay include…

Acid in the mouth is increased when eating or drinking foods or drinks that have a high sugar content. By decreasing the amount of sugar in the diet and by brushing the teeth correctly twice daily tooth decay can be avoided. It is paramount that children learn to do this from an early age to avoid bad habits from crossing over into adulthood.

Alma Dental provides free high quality NHS dental care for children up to the age of 18 years within North Tyneside including North Shields, Tynemouth, Cullercoats and Whitley Bay. We place a strong emphasis on educating children about the possibility and the dangers of tooth decay and gum disease. Our qualified dental nurses make children feel at ease in the dentist whilst teaching them good oral hygiene in a fun and stimulating manner.

Healthy Smile Program

If you are worried about the way your children brush their teeth we have a Healthy Smile Program where children can learn all about brushing their teeth. Ran by our dental nurse’s, children are able to spend time in an informal and fun environment where they are shown good dental habits with practical sessions. If necessary we will provide extra fluoride protection for your children every three months helping to maintain and protect the teeth. Leaflets and samples are provided at the end of the session to encourage your children to keep up the good work whilst at home.

For more information on Tooth Brushing Club please get in touch.