How to Keep Teeth White after Whitening

After your professional teeth whitening, there are several ways you can help the results last and maintain a healthy mouth. Using a professional whitening treatment, combined with good brushing and professional cleaning will help keep your mouth healthy and your teeth pearly white.

A good brushing and flossing routine is one of the easiest ways to maintain your teeth after whitening. At the very least, you should brush after breakfast and before bed, however, if possible, you should brush after every meal. If you find this difficult, there are single-use toothbrushes available which are perfect for people on the go or at the office.

Be gentle when brushing, especially after a teeth whitening procedure. Use a soft-bristled brush and brush each individual tooth in a circular motion.

A good toothpaste can also help to maintain your teeth after whitening. Choose a good fluoride toothpaste that will help prevent discolouration from foods that can stain your teeth.

Sensitivity can be a short-term side affect to teeth whitening which can cause pain when consuming very hot or cold food or drink. Use a sensitive toothpaste to build up your resistance, if you already suffer from sensitivity, use a sensitive toothpaste for a couple of weeks before the treatment. Try to avoid rinsing straight after brushing your teeth, let the toothpaste sit in your mouth for a few minutes before rinsing.

If the sensitivity is particularly uncomfortable, your dentist may prescribe a special sensitive toothpaste. If you are especially prone to sensitivity, speak to your dentist about this at your consultation. If heightened discomfort continues after 48hrs or are considering pain medication, consult your dentist.

Food and Drink:
Avoid foods that can cause staining on teeth such as curry, soy sauce, coffee, wine, tea, fizzy drinks etc. This can sometimes be difficult if you are struggling to cut some of these drinks out of your diet, try using a straw to minimize contact with your teeth.

After Care:
Regular dental check-ups and visits to your dental hygienist are key to helping you maintain your freshly whitened teeth. Visit the hygienist can also help to remove staining using jet polishing without the need for whitening.