Free Orthodontic Chat & Check

Free Orthodontic Chat & Check

As part of our orthodontic package, we offer a free chat and check for anyone who is thinking about orthodontic treatment. At this appointment, you will be assessed for suitability for treatment as a small number of people are not suitable for a variety of reasons. Attending this appointment will also mean you can have a chat with a dental professional about what orthodontic treatment entails and get any questions answered before investing any money.

As well as discussing your individual orthodontic needs, your dental professional will show you models of all the different types of braces Alma Dental offers and advise which would be the most suitable for both your mouth and lifestyle. You will also get a brief price guide to give you an idea of the costs involved in orthodontic treatment.

This is a no-obligation appointment, however, there is a £30 refundable deposit required at the time of booking which is refunded after the consultation with your dental professional.

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