White Fillings

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White Fillings

White fillings or ‘tooth-coloured’ fillings are a very flexible and conservative way to restore teeth. In most cases, a composite material is placed directly by the dentist to give instant results.

We use one of the best composite materials on the market that combines strength and also beautiful aesthetics. It is built up in layers on the existing tooth, replicating nature by reproducing the darker core and whiter enamel on the surface; stains and white spots can even be added for a perfect match.

Front Teeth

tooth coloured fillings before and after

Tooth-coloured fillings can be used on front teeth to repair chips and fractures, remove unsightly discolouration and spots, replace old, stained fillings and in some cases, can completely reshape teeth and rejuvenate a smile.

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Before & After

Before and AftersBefore and Afters
Before and Afters


Replaced Amalgam Silver Fillings. Tooth coloured fillings match the natural tooth. White fillings cost from…



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