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Stain Removal

Have your pearly whites lost their lustre due to teeth stains? Stained teeth can occur naturally as we age…

Stained teeth are a common problem. Many foods, drinks and habits (such as smoking) can lead to stains building up; the surface texture of your teeth can also exacerbate this problem.

Using an electric toothbrush and whitening toothpastes can reduce the impact of staining and regular cleaning by a dental professional will also help, but even this cannot always remove stubborn stains in difficult to reach areas. To make a simple but dramatic difference we have the Prophyjet™ polisher, which sprays a fine jet of water and polishing powder to gently remove difficult stains in awkward areas.

Before & After Prophyjet™ Treatment

Before and Afters

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hygienist visit with stain removal beforehygienist visit with stain removal after

Stained Teeth? Get those stubborn tooth stains removed, guaranteed results, get a whiter smile. Appointments with our dental hygienist cost from…



Prophyjet™ jet polishing starts from just…



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