Natural Dentures

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Natural Dentures

Natural looking dentures can be used to replace lost or missing teeth. Natural dentures can improve the way you look and speak as well as the way you bite and chew. They can give you extra confidence and rejuvenate your natural appearance by stopping facial muscles from sagging due to the lack of tooth support.

A Complete Denture replaces all of the natural teeth in either the upper or lower jaw and is made of the highest quality acrylic material. If you struggle with loose dentures they can be attached to implants, which stops them moving around with normal day to day activities. (see implant section)

Partial Dentures fill the spaces left by missing teeth. They may be made either entirely of acrylic and supported by the gums and soft tissues; or made from acrylic attached to a metal framework, which is usually supported by the soft tissues and teeth (via metal clips and rests) allowing the denture to be more secure and less bulky.

Natural looking Denture

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Natural dentures can improve the way you look and speak. Natural looking dentures cost from…



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