Dental Bridge

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Dental Bridge

A bridge is a way of replacing missing teeth (which may have been extracted in the past) and filling larger gaps in your mouth. It is usually several crowns linked together by one framework which is anchored and fully supported by the natural teeth either side of the gap (a bridge is not removable).

There are several types of bridge using different numbers of supporting teeth and anchoring mechanisms.  It is very difficult to explain/ visualise all of these just using words so we have plastic models with different examples in the practice.  Needless to say, that all possible bridge options and their advantages and disadvantages will be discussed with your case.

Before & After

Before and AftersBefore and Afters


Unfortunately teeth cannot always be saved and in this case, the patients front four teeth needed to be extracted due to gum disease and the bridge replaced these missing teeth. He wanted the final bridge to look natural and have some small imperfections in the smile.

A Dental Bridge is a fixed restoration designed to fill the empty space caused by a missing tooth or teeth. Dental Bridge cost from…



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